Coronavirus: Government considering allocating time slots for Aucklanders to leave region over summer

COVID Minister Chris Hipkins told Checkpoint the government is considering the option that Aucklanders have an allocated time slot to leave the region over the summer holidays.

The measure would reduce the risk of queues of traffic at the boundary checkpoints, as vaccination certificates are checked.

Hipkins also said an announcement on primary schools returning will be made on Monday or Tuesday next week.

"We've foreshadowed that we're considering potential reopening of primary schools on a limited basis from the 15th, but we've not made a final decision on that at this point.

"I met with the Auckland primary principals leaders earlier today to get their feedback on how they're feeling about that. Fair to say they shared a mixed range of views about both the feasibility of having limited numbers back.

"We'll discuss it again at Cabinet on Monday, then I think we'll provide some clearer guidance at that point... Certainly early next week, Monday or Tuesday."