National Party rankings: Compare Christopher Luxon and Judith Collins' teams

Christopher Luxon has revealed the latest National Party line-up, and there's some clear changes since the last iteration.

The most obvious is for the top man himself. Luxon's election as leader last week means he has catapulted from number 29 to number one. Willis, his deputy, has jumped from 16 to two, while Simon Bridges is up from seven to three, two places below where he was this time two years ago.

With Luxon ascending to the leadership, Collins has taken a big tumble. She has fallen from one to 19, so just inside Luxon's shadow Cabinet. Collins' deputy Dr Shane Reti, has taken a small bump, from two to five. The fourth slot under Luxon is COVID-19 spokesperson Chris Bishop, while six is Louise Upston.

One of the big winners of the day is Erica Stanford who has leapt from 25 to seven off the back of her work in the immigration portfolio. Matt Doocey also climbs into the top 10. He sits at eight, up from 20 under Collins. Simeon Brown has been promoted from 19 to nine, while the top 10 is rounded out with Barbara Kuriger, up from 14.

Under Collins, the finance role was split between Andrew Bayly and Michael Woodhouse. Both men have dropped significantly but are now above Collins in the rankings. Bayly sits at 15 while Woodhouse is at 18. 

David Bennett has also seen his fortunes slide, down from 11 to 20. Todd McClay, who was at number six in Collins' lineup, is now listed 22nd.  

Those below the 20 mark aren't allocated numbers on the list provided to media. However, from here there aren't many major differences anyway.

One interesting difference, however, is Todd Muller who has jumped up from 33. His ranking at the bottom of the National team under Collins came after he announced his resignation after caucus learnt he had leaked against a colleague to media. He hasn't confirmed yet whether he will stay on past 2023 now that Collins is no longer leader.

Find the portfolios for each MP here.

Compare the teams for yourself below:

Collins' lineup (from October)

  1. Judith Collins

  2. Dr Shane Reti

  3. Andrew Bayly

  4. Michael Woodhouse

  5. Louise Upston

  6. Todd McClay

  7. Simon Bridges

  8. Chris Bishop

  9. Melissa Lee

  10. Scott Simpson

  11. David Bennett

  12. Paul Goldsmith

  13. Mark Mitchell

  14. Barbara Kuriger

  15. Gerry Brownlee

  16. Nicola Willis

  17. Stuart Smith

  18. Jacqui Dean

  19. Simeon Brown

  20. Matt Doocey

  21. Maureen Pugh

  22. Harete Hipango

  23. Chris Penk

  24. Simon O'Connor

  25. Erica Stanford

  26. Ian McKelvie

  27. Tim Van de Molen

  28. Nicola Grigg

  29. Christopher Luxon

  30. Joseph Mooney

  31. Penny Simmonds

  32. Simon Watts

  33. Todd Muller

Luxon's lineup

  1. Christopher Luxon

  2. Nicola Willis

  3. Simon Bridges

  4. Chris Bishop

  5. Dr Shane Reti

  6. Louise Upston

  7. Erica Stanford

  8. Matt Doocey

  9. Simeon Brown

  10. Barbara Kuriger

  11. Scott Simpson

  12. Paul Goldsmith

  13. Melissa Lee

  14. Mark Mitchell

  15. Andrew Bayly

  16. Gerry Brownlee

  17. Stuart Smith

  18. Michael Woodhouse

  19. Judith Collins

  20. David Bennett

    Jacqui Dean

    Todd McClay

    Simon O'Connor

    Ian McKelvie

    Todd Muller

    Maureen Pugh

    Harete Hipango

    Chris Penk

    Tim Van de Molen

    Nicola Grigg

    Joseph Mooney

    Penny Simmonds

    Simon Watts