Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern answers all your questions about the COVID-19 traffic light system

Friday was the first day of the traffic light system, and some Kiwis are still a little confused.

So The Project went to the top for answers, asking Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern your burning questions.

After more than 100 days since Delta crossed the border and we went into lockdown, New Zealand is finally free - or free-ish. It's the biggest change to our COVID-19 response since March 2020, when we all went into alert level 4 lockdown for the first time.

So it's exciting times, but there are still some questions. First of all, if cases are in the double-digits today, why didn't we go straight to green?

"We are fundamentally changing the way we're operating, moving into a new plan with the traffic light system, and as we have done the whole way through and what has stood us in really good stead, we make these changes cautiously," Ardern said.

"The last thing we want to do is take the brakes off too quickly and find ourselves with a large number of cases as a result."

Now we get to the nitty-gritty. You can have up to 100 people at your house in red light areas - but only if you're using My Vaccine Pass. If you're not, you're only allowed 25. 

So, does that mean you need to check everyone's passes if you've got 26 people over for Christmas lunch? 

"Yep, if you're in a red area and you want more than 25 people over then that's when you do need to check that they've got vaccine passes. But 25 and under, no need to check," Ardern said.

Another rule - kids under 12 years and three months don't need a vaccine pass. But how do we expect hospo workers and others to ID kids who don't have ID?

"Look, we just have to be pragmatic about this," Ardern said.

"Obviously children are accompanied by their parents and we've left it up to hospitality to be able to run a system where of course they're checking those adults.

"If an adult accompanying a minor tells them they've got a child then look, we'll be pragmatic, and I think everyone understands what we're trying to achieve here."

OK, so has the Prime Minister personally used the vaccine pass yet?

"I haven't left the building yet today which is not unusual for me, so I expect I will over the weekend and I'm all ready to go. Because I'm an old person I've just got mine stuck on the back of my phone."

So she's ready. Any major plans for the weekend?

"I'm living vicariously at the moment and gosh, no one deserves it more at the moment, to every Aucklander, to every single one of you, from the bottom of our hearts: thank you, thank you. 

Tautoko that, Prime Minister.