Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has no plans to change approach with Christopher Luxon as National leader

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is unfazed by Christopher Luxon's rise and has given no thought to what kind of leader he will make. 

"Obviously I haven't spent a lot of time analysing that question in detail. No doubt I'll see for myself over time, as will the public," Ardern told reporters on Wednesday. 

"The focus for me has to be, and is, on the pandemic and managing this transition into the new traffic light system. This is my fifth new leader of the Opposition and I'll do what I've done in the past - just continue to focus on my job as Prime Minister."

Since becoming Prime Minister in 2017, Ardern has faced off against four National leaders: Bill English, Simon Bridges, Todd Muller and Judith Collins. 

English stood down in February 2018 after National was narrowly defeated. The caucus elected Bridges who kept the party numbers up, but struggled against Ardern as preferred Prime Minister. He was replaced by Muller, who only lasted 53 days in the job. 

Collins took the reins from Muller and led National to a crushing defeat in 2020, which saw the caucus reduced from 56 to 33. Collins struggled to compete with Ardern and the latest Newshub-Reid Research poll was the final blow - twice as many Kiwis preferred ACT leader David Seymour to Collins. 

Collins' leadership ended in scandal. She was ousted by the caucus in a vote of no confidence last week after announcing she had demoted her rival Bridges in a late-night press release without first consulting the caucus. 

Her departure made way for Luxon, who was elected National leader by the caucus on Tuesday, with Nicola Willis as his deputy.

Ardern said Luxon's rise will change nothing for her.

"Key for me all the way through has been focussing on doing the job of Prime Minister to the best of my ability, particularly through this pandemic," she said. 

"It means that I've been completely focussed on holding that same approach in the House or in any place where I interact with the leader of the Opposition. 

"I've never particularly done things differently depending on who the person is and that's probably a good thing given there's been five."

Whether Luxon lasts the distance remains to be seen.

"I've never speculated on the tenure of an Opposition leader of the past and I won't on this occasion either," Ardern said. "I'll focus on doing my job and I wish whoever is in the role the best in doing theirs."

Ardern on Tuesday had some advice for the incoming National leader. 

"My message to whoever takes on the mantle is to remember how important it is to focus on the things that New Zealand wants us to focus on."

Luxon said on Tuesday he believed Ardern was an effective communicator but that her Government wasn't good enough with delivery. 

"Jacinda Ardern is a fine communicator, but the reality is we need much more," he told reporters. "We need a leader and we need a government that's actually going to get things done."