COVID protest: Grant Robertson condemns 'distressing' scenes outside Parliament after man drives car into police officers

Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson says footage of a man driving a car into police officers outside Parliament is "distressing" and reinforces why the anti-mandate protests need to end.

In an interview with AM, Robertson says he's grateful to the frontline police officers who on Tuesday morning were sprayed by protesters with an "unknown substance" - just a day after demonstrators threw human waste at cops

"I've seen those images and some of them are pretty distressing, too. I've seen that someone appears to have driven a car into the police as well," he said.

Robertson, who is also the Central Wellington MP, said Wellingtonians want the protesters to leave.

"It's disrupting their lives, businesses, people going to school getting harassed and abused, excrement being poured down the drains here. This is an illegal protest and I think Wellingtonians… want to see the protest end."

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Monday acknowledged the "enormous" and "very difficult" job police had.

No one should have to face having human waste thrown on them for doing their job, she said.

Ardern told reporters the police had her "absolute support". 

"Ultimately, the thing that will resolve what is occurring out on our forecourt right now and in the centre of Wellington… will be protesters leaving - so let's be clear about where the responsibility now sits for resolving this situation."

Ardern said the protesters had made their points and "it is time for them to leave".

She said the protest demonstrated the "bullying and harassment" of Wellingtonians.

Police said on Tuesday morning said officers were working to further reduce the perimeter around Parliament.

"At least three officers require medical attention after being sprayed with an unknown substance by protesters," a statement said.

The person who allegedly attempted to drive a car into a group of officers has been arrested.

"Further updates will be provided as more information becomes available," police said.