Christopher Luxon says he supports Māori name for Matariki holiday despite National's Simon O'Connor wanting something 'neutral'

National Party leader Christopher Luxon supports the name Matariki despite his MP Simon O'Connor calling for a more "neutral" name.

When asked what his MP meant by a more neutral name, Luxon told The Hui he didn't know and we should ask O'Connor.

In his first interview with The Hui, Luxon said his party would scrap the Māori Health Authority if they won the next election.

When asked by host Mihingarangi Forbes what Te Tiriti meant to him, he answered "equality" but then agreed that Māori suffer significantly poorer health outcomes and that was not equal.

On co-governance, Luxon said his party would support arrangements that came from Treaty settlements but not those that created two systems. He would support Kohanga Reo, Māori seats, and Māori broadcasting, but not Māori wards or the Māori Health Authority.

The Hui interview with Christopher Luxon plays on Newshub's website tonight at 8:45pm.

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