MP Ginny Andersen shares vile racist emails she received after making part te reo speech in Parliament

"I believe in calling out racism."
"I believe in calling out racism." Photo credit: Image - Newshub

Labour MP for Hutt South Ginny Andersen has shared screenshots of racist emails her office received following a speech she gave in Parliament on Wednesday. 

Andersen spoke in the debating chamber and some of her speech was in te reo.

Sharing screenshots on Twitter of the emails she received she captioned the Tweet "I believe in calling out racism". 

One person writing Andersen said they had the "misfortune yesterday to tune into Parliament".

"Burbling away in Māori saying god alone knows what to god alone knows who. Certainly not that 95 percent of the NZ population could understand for sure," part of it read. 

The person goes on to ask "what planet are you on?" demanding she addresses the person in a language they can comprehend. 

Another angry e-mailer also lashed out at Andersen's use of Te Reo "What arrogance. How woke. How goddamned rude." 

They go on to write "Can't you get it through your head that people in this country are sick to bloody death of idiots like you who think it's smart to burble away in Māori,"

"You're not even a Maori for god's sake," the person added. 

The person who Andersen didn't identify demanded she "speak English in the future".