Newshub-Reid Research poll: Kiwis split over whether to be ashamed by New Zealand's climate action

The Government's declared climate change is a crisis, but Newshub can reveal the country is split over whether to be ashamed of our climate action.

It comes as the Climate Change Minister has set out how much we need to reduce carbon emissions by over the next 13 years to get to net zero carbon by 2050 - and it's not going to be easy.

"The climate crisis is no longer something that's happening somewhere else to someone else, at some point in the future," James Shaw said on Monday. "It's happening here. It's happening to us. It's happening now."

Happening here and happening now, but New Zealanders are divided over whether we're doing enough to stop it.

In our latest Newshub-Reid Research poll we asked: Are you embarrassed by New Zealand's climate action? The results show 46.8 percent said yes, they're embarrassed, and 42.7 percent say they're not. The rest don't know.

The Climate Change Minister on Monday dropped part one of the carbon emissions dilogy, The Budgets.

The emissions budgets are the total amount of greenhouse gases New Zealand can emit in each five-year period. 

The first one is the tightest - between 2022 and 2025 - it's been set at 290 megatonnes of greenhouse gases.

The 2026 to 2030 budget has been set in principle at 305 megatonnes - about a 20 percent reduction on projected emissions - and the 2031 to 2035 budget has been set at 240 megatonnes, down 35.5 percent.

"There wasn't really much of substance in that and the Emissions Reduction Plan substance itself will be judged by whether it includes a response to agriculture," Christine Rose from Greenpeace Aotearoa said.

The substance comes next week in part two of the emissions reduction dilogy - the plan for how to reduce emissions.

"The proof of the pudding is in the eating and so we actually have to execute our plan and bring our emissions down year after year and if we do that then yes, absolutely New Zealand will be able to be proud," said Shaw.

If we actually reduce our emissions, a mighty big if which needs a mighty big how.