Political commentator Josie Pagani hits out at Jacinda Ardern's savage dig at 'keyboard warriors'

  • 27/05/2022

A political commentator has hit out at Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's attack on keyboard warriors, saying it is not in line with her 'be kind' messaging.

Ardern's kindness message was part of her Harvard University Commencement speech on Friday morning in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

She challenged the roughly 8,000 students graduating from the esteemed ivy-league university in Boston to choose how they address "being baited, or hated".

"To make a choice to treat difference with empathy and kindness."

However, political commentator Josie Pagani noticed a 'jarring' description of keyboard warriors in the Prime Minister's speech and questioned whether it is time for the "be kind" message to run its course.

Ardern said: "In my mind, when I read something especially horrific on my feed, I imagine it's written by a lone person unacquainted with personal hygiene practices, dressed in a poorly fitted superhero costume – one that is baggy in all the wrong places."

Pagani said she thought "this is not very kind."

"She attacked the keyboard warrior in a slightly sneering way," Pagani said.

She said many Kiwis feel the 'be kind' message is empty because we have heard it so many times.

She said the kindness message hasn't translated into action, such as New Zealanders being unable to get home during COVID-19 lockdown.

"The kindness message has... run its time with us."

Watch the full interview with Josie Pagani above.