Minor Cabinet reshuffle to be announced at post-Cab press conference

The Prime Minister's Office has confirmed a "minor Cabinet reshuffle" will be announced at the post-Cabinet press conference on Monday afternoon.

It follows speculation that a reshuffle was coming soon. Newsroom has also reported that Labour met at 8am on Monday morning.

The Prime Minister has come under increasing pressure over the performance of some of her ministers. National, ACT and the Dairy and Business Owners Association have all been calling for Police Minister Poto Williams' resignation as Auckland grapples with a spate of ram raids and gang shootings. 

And while Trevor Mallard as Speaker isn't technically in Cabinet, there have also been renewed calls for his resignation over the handling of the Parliament protest earlier this year.

Earlier, when speaking with AM's Ryan Bridge on Monday, Ardern confirmed a reshuffle was happening but refused to give any more details. 

"I did say… That there would [a reshuffle] so I have already confirmed that," she said. "I am not going to give any more details beyond that. 

"As I've just said… I would look around the mid-year mark but again, beyond that, you will have to wait until any announcements are made."

The Prime Minister also refused to reveal which portfolios she thought were underperforming, saying she would provide more details when the reshuffle takes place.

"When it comes to reshuffles there are a number of things that any Government of the day considers but, again, I am happy to talk about that in more detail at the time that it occurs but I am not going through it now," Ardern said. 

When asked which three portfolios keep her up at night the most, Ardern said she doesn't think about the world in portfolios. 

"I think about the world in terms of things that I know are causing anxiety and where we have issues that we have to address. 

"No one minister has responsibility for how we best protect and cushion New Zealanders from a range of factors that are causing huge impact as a result of the cost of living."

Ardern said everyone needs to work as a team to deal with the global pressures the country is facing at the moment. 

The Prime Minister picked her words carefully when asked about the Speaker later in the interview. 

When Bridge suggested the Prime Minister was at odds with half of the country in thinking Mallard was doing a good job, she replied: "I think he's doing a hard job." 

"I think that gets missed out. When you're a referee of a bunch of politicians, that is not an easy job and it's often a very politicised job. 

"So do I always agree with the Speaker? No, but I do and have supported him in the role that he has continued to do."

The Prime Minister's comments come after repeated calls for Mallard and Williams to step down from their roles. 

Speaking with AM last week, National leader Christopher Luxon said Williams is clearly struggling as Police Minister. 

"If I was Prime Minister, looking at the performance of each of the Cabinet ministers and saying who is doing well and who's not, the reality is Poto Williams is struggling and she now needs to be removed by the Prime Minister and replaced with someone else," Luxon said. 

"I am sure she's a good person but she's been struggling in this job for some time and not getting the tools to the frontline police officers that we need her to do. 

"She isn't providing the leadership, she's not been getting the tools and the frontline police don't feel backed up. And as I say it's not personal, I am sure she's a good person, she can probably add some value to some other portfolios but we need a replacement Police Minister."

Mallard has also faced fresh criticism from ACT Party leader David Seymour, who last month called for the Speaker to resign.