Blue Blood: New book gets inside story of how Jacinda Ardern brokered deal with Winston Peters to seal 2017 election victory

  • 18/07/2022

A new book has provided insight into how Jacinda Ardern negotiated a deal with Winston Peters to seal her election victory in 2017. 

Blue Blood by journalist and author Andrea Vance delves into the National Party's leadership crisis after the sudden and unexpected departure of Sir John Key in 2016. 

Vance told AM on Monday how Ardern was able to seal a deal with the New Zealand First leader after a deadlock election result.  

"There is a quote in the book 'does he go with the sunrise industry or sunset industry' and I think Winston saw the trends, knew which way it was going and, remember, it was probably going to be Winston's last hurrah, so he wanted it to be a success," Vance told AM.

Watch the full interview with Andrea Vance above.