Christopher Luxon should have traded 'pineapples for kiwifruit', Te Puke local says after National leader's 'misleading' social post

With the winter New Zealand's having every Kiwi could probably do with a bit of a break right now.

The National leader's just had one, but is coming under pressure for social media posts claiming he was in Te Puke when he was actually in Hawaii.

Rugged coastlines, white sandy beaches, sun and warmth - Hawaii is a hula-of a time, and Luxon's just got back.

"I went to Hawaii with my family as I tend to do in July," he told reporters on Tuesday morning.

Te Puke is also very lovely with its giant kiwifruit. But it's not Honolulu, which is where Luxon was when a video was posted to his social media accounts in which he said: "Today I'm in Te Puke, the heart of kiwifruit country". 

Luxon said it was his team who put up the post which made it look like he was in kiwifruit country, when he was actually there two weeks ago.

"We made a mistake, we own up to it, we front it. We should have captioned the post differently," said Luxon.

Kristy Pender from Te Puke Golf Club said Luxon "could have gotten rid of the pineapples for kiwifruit".

The local Te Puke golf course says perhaps Luxon should have just had his holiday where he said he was.

"Why not? It's the kiwifruit capital of the world, the weather is always fantastic, and there's lots of attractions around the area."

Luxon said it's important to have a break with your family "and one of the ways you do that in this job is outside the country".

Though it wasn't just the one Facebook post, but several across the week all making it look like Luxon was here working while he was actually in Hawaii.

"I'm not losing sleep over this, I'm losing sleep over the cost of living crisis."

Finance Minister Grant Robertson said: "A post that says you're in Te Puke on a particular day when you're actually in Hawaii is misleading."

The Te Puke tour video also caused a bit of a stir because the only mask in sight was on Luxon's chin.

"In the National Party we follow the rules which are set down by the Government," he said.

Masks aren't mandated but public health officials are begging Kiwis to "always wear a mask in an indoor environment outside of your home," as Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said.

Asked if he didn't want to lead by example on mask practice, Luxon said: "As the National Party, we follow the rules as set down by the Government and we encourage people to wear a mask where it's practicable."