Green Party leadership challenge: MPs Jan Logie, Teanau Tuiono rule themselves out of running for co-leader

Two more Green Party MPs have ruled themselves out of running for co-leader of the party as James Shaw battles to retain his role. 

Teanau Tuiono confirmed on Saturday he would not put himself up against Shaw in a leadership contest after previously saying he was "considering it". 

"Robust discussions about leadership and the direction of the Party are important parts of a co-leadership debate; however on balance after listening to members I don't think my participation in a co-leadership contest will help move our Party forward," he posted on Facebook.

"So let's just get this out of the way right now: I am not going to run for the co-leadership of the Green Party."

Tuiono had previously told reporters on Wednesday that he wasn't "ruling anything out". 

"I'm not ruling anything in, I'm not ruling anything out, I'm just kind of giving it a think and maybe you guys will stop chasing me around the hallways," he said.

Fellow Greens MP Jan Logie also ruled herself out of contention for the co-leader role on Saturday. 

Responding to a post on Twitter that said: "BREAKING NO NEWS!  @janlogie announces no contest in leader-less coup!", Logie responded saying, "No story here. I'm not." 

Shaw faces a potential leadership challenge after more than 25 percent of party delegates at an annual meeting last weekend voted to reopen nominations for the co-leadership role.

Shaw confirmed he will run for the co-leader role again but so far has no challengers against him.

Elizabeth Kerekere, Chlöe Swarbrick, Ricardo Menendez-March and now Tuiono and Logie have all ruled themselves out of running for the job.