Change of Government won't fix problems facing New Zealand, Sir Bob Harvey says

  • 05/08/2022

A former Waitākere mayor has leapt to the defence of the Government saying they're "genuinely trying to resolve some of the huge issues" facing New Zealand. 

Sir Bob Harvey, who was Waitākere mayor from 1992 to 2010, appeared on AM on Friday alongside paediatrician Dr Renee Liang. 

AM co-host Ryan Bridge said all the major metrics show New Zealand has gone backwards under Labour. 

"For people watching in New Zealand right now, the question is, do you feel safer, are more children staying in school and being educated, are carbon emissions down, are house prices lower than when Labour took office? It's all bad news for Labour," Bridge said. 

But Sir Bob hit back, defending the Government. 

"You think a change of Government would change all this? The world is going through a different phase right now and I think New Zealanders understand that," he told AM. 

"We are not dumb. We are not stupid. I think right now we have a Government that is genuinely trying to resolve some of these huge issues." 

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