David Seymour slams cost of living payment after myriad of issues emerge

  • 03/08/2022

ACT leader David Seymour is slamming the Government's cost of living payment after a myriad of issues emerged surrounding its implementation. 

The first tranche of the Government's support was paid out on Monday. The payment of $116.67 is the first of three, with the second and third portions coming on the first business days of September and October.

It works out at $350 and will go to Kiwis who earn $70,000 or less, aren't entitled to the Winter Energy Payment and meet several other criteria. 

However, several issues emerged with the implementation of the payment after it was revealed Kiwis living overseas had received it. The Government also came under fire after it was revealed only 1.32 million people received the payment, fewer than the 2.1 million the Government said were estimated to be eligible. The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) said this is expected to increase with the next rounds of payments as more tax returns are processed.

Speaking with AM on Wednesday, David Seymour criticised the payment accusing the Government of making up the name of the policy and then "trying to fill in the details". 

"The result is last minute PR driven disaster of a policy that is hosing taxpayer money around like a rogue garden sprinkler," Seymour said.  

Watch the full interview above.