Gaurav Sharma heads to political Siberia after blasting from Labour MPs

Rogue Labour MP Dr Gaurav Sharma has been booted out of caucus after a fortnight of accusations against his colleagues and his future with the party now hangs in the balance.

The doctor was back in the capital on Tuesday. Speaking to Newshub after flying into Wellington Airport, Dr Sharma was greeted with a couple of pats on the back from protesters also headed to Parliament.

"My man, my man," they said as he walked past. 

The rebel MP was also on his way to Parliament where he'd have his fate decided. 

"I just want to talk about what has happened and all I'm asking for is a fair investigation and a fair trial," he said.

After 13 days of trickling out secret recordings, caucus leaks and screenshots, his colleagues, rocked up and rounded on Dr Sharma.

"There are real concerns about his behaviour and the lack of trust," Michael Wood said. 

"There's clearly been some behaviours we don't support," said Carmel Sepuloni. 

"Attention-seeking behaviour," said David Parker. 

They were all headed to the same awkward caucus meeting.

"He has certainly made statements which are blatantly incorrect," said Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

His statements include accusations that former whip Kieran McAnulty is a bully. 

"I'm not a bully, I've never bullied anybody," McAnulty responded.

As Dr Sharma was suspended, he had to wait outside for his expulsion matter to be called. He went in, then an hour later, the verdict: exiled.

"I think it was 61 to one abstention to one no to expel me," he said following the meeting. 

Asked if he was gutted with the outcome, Dr Sharma said: "When you're on the path of truth you have to think about the consequences".

He was continuing to push for his truth path, despite his expulsion

"Kieran should have the same right to have his name cleared out in public," Dr Sharma said.

When it was pointed out that it was him dragging McAnulty's name through the mud, Dr Sharma responded: "That's what I'm saying, right, having an independent investigation means he gets that right of having his viewpoint forward."

Ardern said that from Labour's perspective, the matter "is now concluded and resolved".

His former colleagues have sent him on a one-way ticket to political Siberia.