'Go away': Patrick Gower's strong message to Brian Tamaki ahead of Parliament protests

  • 23/08/2022

Patrick Gower has told Brian Tamaki to stay away from Wellington as the capital prepares for another Parliament protest.

The anti-Government protesters, headed by the Tamaki-led Freedom and Rights Coalition, are conducting what they call a "peaceful protest" calling for a snap election.

Speaking with AM on Monday Newshub's national correspondent Patrick Gower said the group are vandals and he wished they had been stopped before they even made it to Parliament. 

"I just think don't engage with these people, they've shown what they are which is vandals. They've thrown bricks at the police who are trying to protect us, they burnt down a playground, they stormed the marae down the road and literally trampled on the mana of our tangata whenua. 

"We shouldn't engage with them. I wish the New Zealand Police had stopped Brian Tamaki up on State Highway One and arrested him…I honestly would have liked to do a citizen's arrest of Brian Tamaki on behalf of the people of Wellington. My message to Brian Tamaki is this: 'Stay away from Wellington, stay away from our Parliament, go away, stop potentially encouraging more vandalism not just of our physical property but also on the internet with the lies they spread'."

Watch the full video above.