James Shaw the only nomination received for vacant Green Party co-leader spot

The Green Party's James Shaw is the sole contender for the currently vacant co-leader spot after his was the only nomination received.

Nominations for co-leader of the party closed on Thursday night.

Last month, at the Green Party's annual general meeting, members failed to reconfirm Shaw as co-leader, allowing him to be challenged for the position.

There was a lot of talk over who could replace him in the role. Green MP Teanau Tuiono said he was "considering it", but later ruled himself out. Chlöe Swarbrick was seen as a strong contender but she too said she wouldn't run for the co-leader position. Other Green MPs, including Elizabeth Kerekere, Ricardo Menéndez March, and Jan Logie, also ruled themselves out.

In an announcement on Thursday night, the Green Party said Shaw was the only nomination received after nominations closed for co-leader.

"In line with the Green Party's constitution and its long-standing commitment to member-led decision making, there will now be a single election with two options: to vote for the nominated candidate or to re-open nominations," the party said.

To be elected as co-leader, the Green Party constitution requires that Shaw receive at least 75 percent of the votes cast. On the other hand, nominations will be reopened if at least 25 percent of the valid votes cast choose this option. 

Voting will be by delegates in a remote election. 

James Shaw.
James Shaw. Photo credit: Getty Images

"Members of the Green Party will have the opportunity to participate in the process through their local branches," the party said.

"Local branch convenors will be asked to organise a meeting of members in their electorate with at least two weeks' notice so they can decide how their delegates should vote."

Ballot papers will be distributed to branches on August 11 and the deadline for returning ballot papers will be 5pm on September 8. 

The result of the election will be announced no later than 5pm, September 12. 

The Green Party said it won't be making any further comment at this time.