MPs Paul Goldsmith and Michael Wood react to poll showing Labour back ahead of National

Labour has pulled ahead of National in the latest political poll, with Christopher Luxon also taking a dive in the preferred Prime Minister results.  

The latest Taxpayers Union Curia Poll was released on Wednesday with a polling period from Sunday, August 3 to Thursday, August 11.

The results showed Labour had jumped back in front of their rivals, sitting on 35.2 percent - up 0.5 percentage points - while National is nipping at their heels on 34 percent - down three points. 

ACT sits in third on 11 percent - up one point - while the Greens are up slightly on 9.5 percent, with Te Pāti Māori on 3.5 percent and New Zealand First on 2.6 percent. 

MPs Paul Goldsmith and Michael Wood react to poll showing Labour back ahead of National

One of the biggest headlines out of the poll results was is in preferred Prime Minister results, which showed National leader Christopher Luxon has fallen further behind. 

Luxon dropped 2.9 points to be on 19.5 percent while Jacinda Ardern has over double what her National counterpart has, sitting on 39.5 percent.

The biggest mover was ACT leader David Seymour, who has improved to 7.7 percent while Winston Peters has gained some support on 4.2 percent and former Prime Minister Sir John Key is on 1.9 percent. 

MPs Paul Goldsmith and Michael Wood react to poll showing Labour back ahead of National

National MP Paul Goldsmith told AM on Friday despite the decline in the poll results he's confident his party will do well at the 2023 election. 

"There have been about five polls recently and that's been the one that's been the toughest on us," Goldsmith told AM co-host Ryan Bridge. 

"We are just focused on the fact that it's a year away and we are going to do well. I tend to look at what's happening on the ground to get a sense of what is going on.

"When you see a raging red Labour Auckland councillor Richard Hills campaigning with blue billboards you know Labour aren't confident at the moment. They aren't confident in their brand and how they're going, so I feel the mood on the ground is one that is not really positive for Labour." 

Labour Minister Michael Wood, who was appearing alongside Goldsmith on AM, said the public won't make their final judgement until next year.

"I think we are dealing with a range of issues and what this poll shows and others show is some have us a little bit ahead, some have National a little bit ahead as you would expect at this point of the cycle," Wood told AM. 

"It's a pretty close race and we just got to focus on those big issues. Issues around climate change, health, and education, that's where our focus has got to be and people make their judgements next year as we get closer to the election." 

Goldsmith said the Government will be judged on whether they've achieved what it set out to accomplish. 

"Whether it's got those kids out of the cars, whether they've been able to spend $800 million on a subsidy effectively or whether it's gone to backpackers in France or dead people - all those basic questions on if you've actually delivered anything."

Watch the full interview with Paul Goldsmith and Michael Wood above.