National accuses Greens co-leader Marama Davidson of spending more time on social media than doing her job

Newshub can reveal Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson's issued just eight press releases and introduced no new laws since becoming the Associate Minister for Housing.

And now the National Party's accusing her of spending more time on social media than doing her job.

Davidson earlier this week praised Whittaker's use of te reo Māori branding on her social media.

"I grabbed as many [blocks of chocolate] as I could like legitimately and safely hold," she said.

The Government Minister's been forced to edit her social media posts though after complaints they appeared to be promoting a brand. That's against Cabinet rules. 

So Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern asked the Cabinet Office to give Davidson a friendly reminder.

"Just reminded me of the guidance about endorsing a product. I slightly amended my post so that I could stay as strong and staunch as it was from the start."

Ardern said: "I left it to them to give some advice, they've done that, as far as I'm concerned that's sufficient."

But National said the Associate Minister for Housing should spend more time on her portfolio, which has a focus on homelessness, than posting about chocolate.

Newshub can reveal since getting the role in 2020, Davidson's issued just eight press releases and presented only three papers to Cabine - which were joint with others - and introduced zero Bills to parliament to address homelessness.

"I would call her a zero-time homelessness minister. She seems to spend very little time doing any work," said National MP Chris Bishop. 

So Newshub asked Davidson if she's doing enough work in her respective portfolios.

"Yes. Absolutely. Without a doubt. Every single hour, every single day." 

It was a perceived lack of action that saw Green Party members oust James Shaw from his co-leadership role last month, that's despite scoring multiple legislative climate change wins.

"James Shaw's managed to achieve historic bipartisan accord when it comes to climate change legislation. I'll leave to Green Party members to judge who the more effective minister is," said Bishop. 

In a statement, Davidson told Newshub: "Alongside my work as Minister for Family Violence and Sexual Violence, I am really proud of what I've been able to achieve in my associate role.

"This specific part of my work is focused on homelessness and as shown by a recent report, we're making good progress implementing our Homelessness Action Plan," she continued.

"There is still a lot to do in both of my portfolios and I won't rest until we've done everything we possibly can to make sure people have safe, affordable homes to live in."

Davidson's not the first minister to seemingly promote a brand online, but this week will serve as a reminder to watch what you post, perhaps even more so if your actual parliamentary work is yet to have an impact.