Chris Hipkins gives verdict on giant 'sausage roll cake' police gifted for his birthday

  • 06/09/2022

Chris Hipkins has given his verdict on a "sausage roll cake" given to him by police for his birthday.

The Police Minister celebrated his 44th birthday on Monday, posting to Facebook a picture of a savoury cake.

"There are some upsides to working on your birthday," Hipkins said. "Police intelligence gathering has reached new heights today. Look what they gave me at our Monday morning briefing. Who knew sausage roll cake is an actual thing?!"

While Hipkins, a former Health Minister, looks slightly apprehensive in a Facebook photo of him cutting into the meaty gift, he gave it a positive verdict on Tuesday morning.

Newshub asked the minister if he enjoyed the cake. Giggling, Hipkins replied: "It was delicious, thank you".

The comment section on the Facebook post was full of people wishing the minister a happy birthday, while former Labour MP Sue Moroney said she was sure "you balanced it with lashings of Diet Coke".

Former Speaker Trevor Mallard said in 2020 that he wouldn't want to spend a lockdown with Hipkins as he "appears to eat nothing much more than sausage rolls and Diet Coke". 

"He's very bossy - he'd want to be in charge ordering the food and I couldn't stand eating sausage rolls during lockdown so I nominate Chris Hipkins."

Hipkins is also known to roll up to Select Committee appearances with a fizzy drink.

Another "special birthday treat" for the minister on Monday was appearing at the Prime Minister's post-Cabinet press conference. 

"Thank you, again happy birthday, Minister Hipkins," Jacinda Ardern said during the media standup. "Thank you for interrupting your birthday afternoon tea, as well, for us."

Hipkins and Justice Minister Kiri Allan announced new measures to fight organised crime, including giving police more powers to seize assets derived from criminal activity.