Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown holds first press conference since becoming mayor

Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown held his first press conference after three weeks into the job.

He's announced his new deputy and assured Aucklanders that the port won't end up in overseas hands.

The new mayor fronted a media conference for the first time in weeks where he appeared bemused at the presence of so many journalists.

"Lovely to see you all here," Brown said.

The Auckland mayor hasn't been giving interviews but has kept up a steady stream of press releases.

"I'm very busy and so the media strategy is to inform with written stuff every day," Brown said.

However, today warranted an appearance from the Mayor with the announcement of his deputy second-term councillor representing the Ōrakei Ward - Desley Simpson, who presented herself as a foil to the mayor's more scrappy approach.

"I'm naturally more conciliatory would that be the word?" Simpson said.

The new mayor has also been caught on the back foot with rumours circulating that Auckland's port business might be taken over by a Dubai-based port operator.

 "If they're having these discussions they need to be honest about it and involve everybody, for instance, the workers down there are part of the stakeholders," Maritime Union NZ national secretary Craig Harrison said.

Brown poured cold water on those concerns.

"It seems some people knew more than others but it doesn't matter because it's not going to go anywhere."

The new mayor did not shed light on much else though and when Newshub asked how he would rate his first three weeks in office all Brown said was: "interesting."

Despite not having much to say about the job Brown encouraged Aucklanders to have faith in his approach.

"You've got to set out the groundwork to ensure the people come with you."

Three weeks into the mayoralty and Brown seems to be very busy but does not have much to show for it just yet.