Auckland Mayoral candidate Wayne Brown caught on camera saying he wants to glue pictures of journalist on urinals so people can 'pee on him'

  • 01/10/2022

Auckland Mayoral candidate Wayne Brown has been caught on camera calling a NZ Herald journalist a "prick", saying he was going to glue "little pictures of him on all the urinals" so people could "pee on him" if elected.

Brown made the comments while Newshub was filming with him this week and were played during Newshub Nation's Auckland Mayoral debate on Saturday.

His comments were directed at NZ Herald journalist Simon Wilson.

When asked about the comments during the debate, Brown told host Rebecca Wright: "I didn't mean to say it and I certainly didn't mean to do it in a way that would become public... and I'm sure he's said a few things about me that he probably didn't want to have public either."

The comments were made while Brown was being filmed as part of an interview with a Newshub journalist and he was wearing a microphone at the time.

But Brown noted he was interviewed by Wilson on Friday and "we shook hands and it went quite well".

"We had got to the situation where there was mutual respect," Brown said.

"I'm not doing this to make the media happy, I'm doing this to make the ratepayers happy - they are the people who I'm worried about. If I've upset a few media people that's just the way it is... but the ratepayers will be happy with what I want."

Watch the video.

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