Ex-National MP Jami-Lee Ross found not guilty of fraud charges relating to party donations made in 2017, 2018

Ex-National MP Jami-Lee Ross has been found not guilty on fraud charges relating to several political party donations made back in 2017 and 2018.

Justice Ian Gault delivered his decision in the Auckland High Court on Wednesday morning, following a seven-week long trial.

An immense sigh of relief from former National MP Ross as Justice Gault delivered his final decision.

"Mr Ross, not guilty."

The emotional turbulence of the last four years was evident, as Ross was acquitted of all three charges laid against him by the Serious Fraud Office.

"I'm very relieved the judge has listened to all the evidence and everything and came to the right decision," Ross said.

The Crown's case was that sham donors were used to make fraudulent donations to both the Labour and National parties to cover up the identity of the true donor, Yukin Zhang.

He is one of three Chinese businessmen charged alongside Ross in relation to the National Party case.

Justice Gault found Zhang guilty in relation to the 2018 National donation, but not guilty of the other donation made in 2017.

Brothers Colin and Joe Zheng were also convicted of some charges but not all.

"Mr Colin Zheng, I find you guilty. Mr Joe Zheng, I find you guilty."

Colin was found guilty in relation to both donations made to National, while Joe is guilty in relation to the 2018 donation and of obstructing a Serious Fraud Office investigation.

All three slipped out the back door to avoid the media. There were no convictions over the Labour Party case.

Yukin Zhang and the Zheng brothers have been remanded on continued bail and will be sentenced on November 30.

As for Ross: "I'm going to move on."

Ross can finally turn his back on this saga, which helped spell the end of his time in politics.