Kiwi Iranians demand stronger action against Iran, accuse Jacinda Ardern of failing to lead

Iranian police opened fire on protesters again overnight, killing at least six of them. 

On Saturday Kiwi Iranians joined global demonstrations, highlighting human rights violations against Iranian women and girls.

They're calling on our Government to put the Iranian Revolutionary Guard on a terror watch list.

The weather on Saturday couldn't dampen the cause - Iranian Kiwis took to the streets around the country to be the voice for their voiceless back home.

For Iranians in New Zealand, this is no longer a protest but a revolution rallying calls to act.

"I get about 20 to 30 messages a day from Iran and all they're asking is 'please don't stop, please keep amplifying our voice'," protestor Mahsa Marks told Newshub.

Protestors said they're very disappointed the Government has not acted with urgency and put the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps on a terrorist watch list.

"They've done that in June this year for the Proud Boys, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard group, they've done much more damage than the Proud Boys," lawyer Samira Taghavi said.

The United States is one of a few Western countries that have them on a terrorist blacklist.

Taghavi said our Government has done little in six weeks and called for stronger action like Canada which has imposed sanctions on Iran.

"They've lost the opportunity to lead as a female Government - that was Jacinda's opportunity to lead, she's lost that opportunity. This is now her opportunity to come out and shine," Taghavi said.

The protest movement is gathering momentum with protests in New York overnight and earlier in October Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong came out in solidarity with Iranian women and girls.

"Please know Australia is with you," Minister Wong said.

Protestors in New Zealand have demanded an audience with the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, to engage with the almost 9000 Iranian nationals living here.

"These are citizens of New Zealand. There is no support being offered, there's been no check-in, yet there has been this massive effort to get this Kiwi couple out of Iran," Marks said.

The regime again opened fire on demonstrators who risked their lives to take the footage to demand the assassination of Iran's top leader. It's a risk they're prepared to die for.

"The messages I get from Iran, they're saying 'we will win this fight. It might take a while but we're not going to stop. They don't have enough bullets for 80 million people'."

As the world watches, Iranians here and abroad are determined now more than ever to end their 43-year-old fight against female oppression.