Winston Peters lashes out at Labour as 'one of worst' Govts, predicts snap election in charged NZ First conference speech

  • 15/10/2022

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has come out swinging at the Government - and the Opposition - in a fiery speech to the party's faithful in Christchurch.

Peters announced another political comeback this week after being kicked out of Parliament at the 2020 election, where NZ First received 2.6 percent of the vote. 

The former Deputy Prime Minister told the annual NZ First conference in Christchurch on Saturday the current Government was a shambles.

"We are not going to waste any more time calling them out," Peters said.

"This is one of the worst Governments by itself that we have ever, ever seen.

"It's a circus, you talk about economics 101? They can't even work that out."

Peters also made a prediction about the next election - due to take place next year.

"The third… most successful party in this country is a party called New Zealand First and next election we're going to prove it," he said. "Now, next election - when I say that, I don't mean next November - it's whenever they fly a yellow flag… when they give up."

He told supporters to "stand back and watch".

"When we say we're going to be forming the next Government, it's because we're going to tell New Zealanders that the others just don't know what they're doing."

Watch the full speech above.