Have your say: Do you support National's policy of sending teenage offenders to boot camps?

  • 23/11/2022

National wants to send repeat serious offenders to military academies as part of its proposed crack down on youth crime.

Ram raids were a near-nightly occurrence earlier this year, with youth responsible for a large number. While police say there has recently been a downward trend in the number occurring, National last week released a set of policies to respond to youth crime. 

It included sending 15-17-year-olds who repeat at least two serious offences, like a ram raid of serious assault, to boot camps run by the Defence Force and community providers. 

Leader Christopher Luxon said it will lead to positive results, despite other similar schemes not being entirely successful in stopping reoffending. 

"Putting them in with the New Zealand Defence Force who know how to turn lives around and keep people focused and disciplined and taking responsibility for their own personal responsibility is a good thing. I think it is going to be very well received."

The policy has been skewered by other politicians, who say National is just reheating something it's tried before.

"There's no better way to get fitter, faster, stronger, better, more well-connected criminals than by chucking them all together in an army camp to ultimately go on to form fully-fledged national networks," Justice Minister Kiri Allan said.

Do you support National's policy of sending teenage offenders to boot camps?

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