Labour terminates membership of volunteer who helped Dr Gaurav Sharma

Newshub can reveal Labour has terminated the membership of a volunteer who's switched camps to go and help rebel MP Gaurav Sharma's campaign.

Newshub has also exclusive poll numbers showing how Kiwis think Labour leader Jacinda Ardern handled the Dr Gaurav Sharma scandal.

The world has Hamilton to thank for Ardern.

"It's absolutely wonderful to be here in beautiful Kirikiriroa, Hamilton. Little known fact, the place of my birth," she said. 

And Ardern has Hamilton to thank for Dr Sharma, the rebel MP that turned on his party and resigned forcing Ardern into a by-election.

"We're taking this by-election very, very seriously," Ardern said.

But not seriously enough to do any campaigning with her candidate on Thursday though. There was no sign of Georgie Dansey with the Prime Minister in public. 

Asked if she is even trying to win the by-election, Ardern said: "The first thing I did when I hit the ground was meet with Georgie and we had a couple of activities together. I'll be back."

The people of Hamilton West Newshub spoke to had no idea who Labour's candidate is. No one seemed to know much about the Dr Sharma scandal either.

In our latest Newshub-Reid Research poll, we asked, Did the Prime Minister handle the Gaurav Sharma situation well? Just 26.2 percent said yes, while 44.5 percent said no. There are also 29.4 percent who didn't know - possibly a sign the scandal hasn't landed on top of voters' minds.

The ultimate judgement will come from the by-election result.

Billboards of Dr Sharma are everywhere in Hamilton but Georgie Dansey's are yet to be hung.

"We're early on in a by-election here," said Ardern. "It's not been particularly long since Georgie's been selected."

But Labour's already begun kicking out Dr Sharma supporters.

Newshub understands a Labour Party volunteer's membership has been terminated as they've been spotted wearing a pink Sharma "Momentum" tee around town.

Newshub's also heard a handful more may have their memberships terminated for helping the rebel MP too.