Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown shuts down questions on budget proposals and possible asset sales

Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown has continued his cost saving-crusade this week, but he's not keen to answer questions about it.

Brown was busy opening a new Auckland film studio on Friday but he didn't want to go on camera himself.

Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown - not exactly keen to answer basic questions on budget proposals and possible asset sales. Instead, at a media-friendly event, he told Newshub to talk to the hand.

He was here to open two new sound stages at Henderson's Auckland Film Studio.

"It really is at that international specification, so that we can attract the best companies in the world to come and use this space," said Tataki Auckland Unlimited's Pam Ford.

Councillors made the call to sell the multi-million-dollar council-managed asset before Mayor Brown's tenure but it's a call he backs.

"We expect to announce the outcome in the new year, and I'm putting severe pressure on Tataki to make sure there is an outcome in the new year," he said.

And he's got other assets in his sights - there's the sale of Auckland Airport shares, and this week he also questioned the amount of money committed to Auckland Art Gallery.

Golf courses have long been floated as an area of cost-cutting, but they don't appear in pre-budget documents.

Meanwhile, Brown's also looking to discontinue Kauri Kids - Auckland Council's 10 early childhood education centres. But the parents say slow down.

"I think it's a valid argument do run or are involved in the childcare service, but I do think it's disingenuous to run it through the cost-cutting that's happening at the moment," Kauri Kids parent Andrew Fegan said.

Discontinuing early childcare services is estimated to reduce council costs by $1 million annually. But parents say the relatively small saving is hardly worth it.

"The potential impact that this has to the communities far outweighs any savings that are going to be made," Fegan said.

Parents estimate 300 families would be impacted by the potential closure.

"I would say, make money somewhere else, that's what I genuinely feel," Kauri Kids parent Marvin Hao Wu said.

"If it's not something from a principles standpoint that's fine, but it's not from a savings standpoint when it's such a small amount that'll impact families more," Kauri Kids parent Katrina Francis said.

In a written statement late Friday afternoon, the mayor promised there would be consultation - he's just not keen to take any questions.