Dairy owners demand action from Government to combat crime in new wave of protests

Dairy owners say they're through with words and want action from the Government to combat crime.

More protests were held in Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch on Sunday following the killing of dairy worker Janak Patel last month.

Putting their fists in the air to fight crime, hundreds of dairy owners and supporters came together to demand a tougher response from the Government.

"We need more police on patrol, we need more powers for police, more police, more enforcement, more deterrent," said Dairy and Business Association chair Sunny Kaushal.

Last week the Government rolled out a multi-million-dollar package to combat crime. It included subsidised funding for fog canons and cash for crime prevention for councils in Auckland, Wellington and Bay of Plenty.

But those at the coal face want more action.

"They're just going scot-free, so they should be punished," one person said.

"We need to change the law and more power to the police," another added.

This comes as New Zealand deals with a surge of ram raids and burglaries, one of which ended in the death of dairy worker Janak Patel.

"We want solutions and we do not need any more words," said Kaushal.

"We want to be safe here, because we are not safe here," one said.

Standing in solidarity to fight for their own safety.