Senior Green Party MP Jan Logie announces she won't stand in 2023 election

  • 05/12/2022

Senior Green Party MP Jan Logie has announced she won't stand in the 2023 election.

Breaking the news on her Facebook page, Logie said it "seemed tidier" to let people know her decision before the election gets closer.

"It's been the hugest privilege to be trusted (sometimes) with the voice of communities I care for deeply," she said.

"I am so inspired by the work being done by whānau/hapū/iwi, in our unions and our communities groups and wider communities and the thinking in our tertiary institutions. All of your work really has fed my soul and been a beautiful reminder of what is possible."

Logie, who has been an MP since 2011, is the Green Party spokesperson for ACC, child poverty reduction, children, disability, public services, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, women and workplace relations and safety.

She's also a former Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Justice (Sexual and Domestic Violence Issues) and was instrumental in passing legislation to give victims of domestic violence 10 days paid leave.

"I've never believed Parliament is the leader of change or the only place to make change. I do however believe it is really important to have people in Parliament who carry the voices of marginalised communities and te taiao," Logie said, adding she will continue to work for the Green kaupapa until the election.  

"I have absolute confidence in and love for my Green colleagues and feel they will have things well covered without me. I'm looking forward to seeing a larger and even stronger team in here after the election. It's not a time for any deeper reflection yet - there's too much to do."