Chris Hipkins: What Labour leadership change means for parties' election 2023 campaign strategies

What does the massive change in Labour's leadership mean for how it will tackle the election on October 14?

Newshub has been hitting the phones to find out what the sudden shift means for parties' campaign strategies. 

Thankfully the planet's been saved from a mountain of useless hoardings. Labour's campaign machine was well off printing billboards.

The party's now in a bit of a holding pattern to wait and see what branding, messaging and style Hipkins will want.

The election was always going to be won and lost on the economy and the cost of living.

Labour sources tell Newshub they're confident they can beat National on that because their internal Labour polling from late last year showed just 17 percent of Kiwis thought Christopher Luxon was in touch with working families.

But Luxon says the change in the Labour leader won't mean a change in National's campaign.

"Nothing changes for me. Frankly, it could have been any leader of the Labour Party. It's the same team that's delivered the same poor performance and results over the last five-and-a-half years," he said.

National's got a full war chest of donations and Labour's attempting to catch up.

The party is auctioning off Hipkins' cap and sunnies from the now-infamous casualwear interview with Newshub on the streets of Napier.

A very novel fundraiser indeed.