CNN host Richard Quest says New Zealand's 'ego pumped' by having 'global political rockstar' Jacinda Ardern as Prime Minister

A CNN host says New Zealand had its ego stroked by having "global political rockstar" Jacinda Ardern as Prime Minister. 

Ardern announced her resignation last Thursday during an emotional press conference. The resignation came as a shock to many and it wasn't long before international leaders and politicians showered her in praise for leading the country through several major events such as the Christchurch terror attack and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Prime Minister gained worldwide acclaim for her handling of the coronavirus pandemic with international media and experts lauding her emphatic and science-based approach. 

But while Ardern is still beloved worldwide her popularity was beginning to decline in Aotearoa.

CNN host Richard Quest, who joined AM from the World Economic Forum in Davos, said despite her waning popularity nationally, she still gave New Zealand a boost on the world stage.

During his interview Quest was asked whether Ardern's resignation would cause the world stage to lose interest in New Zealand. 

But Quest offered assurances Aotearoa is still viewed as an important country regardless of who its Prime Minister is. 

"New Zealand is an important country on certain issues - when it comes to trade, when it comes to climate issues, when it comes to the Tasman and cross Tasman issues, when it comes to all those sorts of things," he said. 

Quest said while New Zealand isn't a massive player in some areas - such as nuclear arms - it's still viewed as an important country. 

"There are many issues that you do want to hear the view of New Zealand because where New Zealand goes, a coalition can follow. 

"But I know what you're really asking. You're not really asking me about the next Prime Minister of New Zealand. You're asking me how far was New Zealand's ego pumped up by having Jacinda Ardern as the Prime Minister because she was a global political rockstar? And that can't be denied," he added. 

But Quest said New Zealand's new Prime Minister will be treated with just as much respect. 

Watch the full interview above.