Jacinda Ardern 'looking forward' to being with family, getting married to Clarke Gayford following her resignation as Prime Minister

Jacinda Ardern says she is looking forward to spending time with her family, in light of her resignation as Prime Minister.

On Thursday, Ardern announced during a caucus retreat in Hawke's Bay she would be stepping down by February 7.

Speaking to media, Ardern said: "I know I no longer have that bit extra in the tank to do the job justice."

Her resignation will take effect when a new Prime Minister is appointed.

A caucus vote to elect a new party leader will be held on Sunday, January 22.

Ardern said she thinks Labour can win the election without her.

"I'm not leaving because I believe we can't win the election, but because I believe Labour can and will win it. We need a fresh set of shoulders for the challenges of both this year and the next three."

In her resignation speech, she said she does not have any plans for the future but is looking forward to spending time with her family.

"I have no plan, no next steps. All I know is that whatever I do, I will try and find ways to keep working for New Zealand," she said.

"I am looking forward to spending time with my family once again."

Ardern said her family were arguably the ones who had "sacrificed the most out of all of us."

She also said she hasn't told her daughter Neve she is stepping down as "four-year-olds are chatty [and I] couldn't run the risk."

The outgoing Prime Minister said she is looking forward to being there for Neve's first day of school later this year.

And after postponing her wedding with fiance Clarke Gayford due to COVID-19 restrictions, she said: "And to Clarke, let's finally get married."

Ardern and Gayford became engaged in 2019, but were forced to postpone their wedding at the start of 2022 following the Government's decision to put New Zealand in the red traffic light setting as COVID-19 cases surged.

During a press conference in January 2022 following this restriction announcement, Ardern said: "As for mine - my wedding will not be going ahead but I just join the many New Zealanders who have had an experience like that as a result of the pandemic.

"And to anyone who is caught up in that scenario, I'm so sorry but we are all so resilient and I know we understand we are doing this for one another," she continued.

After COVID–19 restrictions were lifted in 2022, Arden said she and Gayford will go ahead with the wedding but had not set an official date.