Jacinda Ardern resignation: Chris Hipkins tells Newshub 'consensus' about new Labour leader would be 'far better for NZ'

Labour MP Chris Hipkins has told Newshub he believes Labour MPs should reach a consensus on a new leader and then unite as a team.

Speaking to political reporter Amelia Wade in Napier, the current Police Minister who is touted as a potential leadership contender, said it would be "far better for New Zealand" if Labour could come to a consensus about their new leader.

"I am really optimistic about the conversations my colleagues are having about making this decision really thoughtfully and constructively and with a good degree of consensus. I think my colleagues are taking the responsibility here very, very seriously.

"I think if we can reach a consensus and then really unite as a team behind a new leader that's going to be far better for New Zealand."

Labour MPs are set to vote on Sunday for a new leader. If no one candidate gets two-thirds support, it will then go out to the membership.

Hipkins said he thinks "we owe it to New Zealand to make sure we select a new leader we are completely united behind."

He wouldn't say if he would put his hat in the ring.

Watch the interview above.