Social Credit Party leader Chris Leitch dies after cancer battle

  • 20/01/2023
Chris Leitch has passed away.
Chris Leitch has passed away. Photo credit: Supplied

Chris Leitch, leader of the Social Credit Party, has passed away on Friday morning after a long battle with neck cancer, the Party's president said in a statement.

Leitch was a long-time activist for Social Credit having held just about every position in the Party since he first became involved in 1972. He was awarded life membership for in 2012.

The Social Credit Political League came into existence 70 years ago in 1953 and has stood candidates in every election and most by-elections since that date. It has been successful in getting six MPs into parliament in that time.

Leitch's father was a candidate in the 1960s and his brother has also been a candidate several times. 

He is survived by his wife Anne, son Andrew, two stepdaughters Tracey and Darian, and brother Tim.