The plush perks Jacinda Ardern and her family can expect after her resignation

Jacinda Ardern will soon be farewelling the country's top job but she will enjoy the fruits of her labour for a long time to come. 

Ardern announced her resignation on Thursday during an emotional press conference, with her term as Prime Minister concluding no later than February 7. 

Ardern is now eligible to receive a salary, for the rest of her life, of up to $57,000 per year in annuity. 

Former Prime Ministers are offered $11,400 for each complete year they held office or a maximum yearly payment of $57,000, whatever is less. For Ardern, these figures work out the same. 

If a former Prime Minister dies, their surviving spouse or partner is entitled to an annuity paid at half that yearly rate, according to the Members of Parliament (Remuneration and Services) Act 2013. 

There are also travel perks for departing Prime Ministers and their partners, outlined in The Members of Parliament (Former Prime Ministers Travel Services) Determination 2017.

Former Prime Ministers may be paid for scheduled travel within the country as long as it's to fulfil commitments relating to their role as a former Prime Minister. 

They also have access to a chauffeur-driven car from VIP Transport Service under the same conditions.

Former prime ministers, and their partners, also have complimentary access to a car. These privileges are not without their controversy and some have called for them to be abandoned. 

Back in 2019, figures released under the Official Information Act revealed more than $3.7 million had been spent on travel perks and annuities for former prime ministers, governor-generals and their surviving spouses over the previous five years.

The Labour party will vote for a new Leader - and the new Prime Minister - on Sunday.