Christopher Luxon says New Zealanders can trust him, despite Newshub-Reid Research poll results showing many don't

  • 01/02/2023

Christopher Luxon says New Zealanders can trust him - despite many Kiwis saying they don't.

The latest Newshub-Reid Research poll on Monday night revealed just 36.6 percent of respondents said they trusted the National Party leader, while 43.8 percent said they didn't and 19.3 percent didn't know.

That compares unfavourably to Labour leader Chris Hipkins. The results show 52.9 percent of people trust him, while 26.9 percent don't and 20.2 percent don't know.

AM host Ryan Bridge put the poor results to Luxon on Wednesday morning. 

"People can trust me that we're going to deliver a Government that will get things done," the National leader replied. "We've got to deal with the cost of living, we are going to raise incomes, we are going to restore law and order, and we are going to make sure we deliver better health and education."

Luxon said despite Labour having a new leader, it's the same team "delivering no change and the same poor outcomes".

He also believes Kiwis can relate to him. 

"I'm up and down this country each and every week. I'm a big extrovert. I love getting to know people, hearing their stories and connecting with people. 

"I appreciate that I've come to this really quick and really new and as a result, people know me through what I've done, not necessarily who I am. That's a big challenge as people get to know me.

"I'm a guy who cares deeply about people who wants to get things done through, with and for people. I'm used to getting things done. That's been my background. When you lead large organisations, you build great culture within them, you build great customer experiences and you get things done."

Luxon went on to say there is a "perception or a stereotype" about being a "business guy". 

"They don't necessarily understand that if you lead large organisations, you're a people person. That's what it's about. Yes, you make decisions around the economics of it. I think actually making good decisions around the economy, being able to deliver things, being able to make sure that the public of New Zealand get great service from our public service is important."

While Luxon has taken aim at Labour for being the same team despite Jacinda Ardern leaving and Hipkins being elevated to Prime Minister, Hipkins has made some changes to his Cabinet

That includes removing several ministers who are set to retire as well as Phil Twyford. The likes of Jan Tinetti, Dr Ayesha Verrall and Michael Wood have been promoted to the frontbench, while new faces in the ministry include Ginny Andersen and Barbara Edmonds.

"In the reshuffle I have balanced the need for stability with renewal," Hipkins said on Tuesday. "New Zealanders want to see the Government getting on with the job but I also want to demonstrate the depth of our talent and bring some new energy and focus to the task ahead."