Anti-transgender activist Posie Parker hits out at PM Chris Hipkins, daring him to cancel her visa

An anti-transgender activist has hit out at Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, daring him to cancel her visa to New Zealand. 

Kelly-Jay Keen-Minshull - also known as Posie Parker - is due to speak in Auckland and Wellington for her Let Women Speak tour this weekend.

But Immigration NZ announced on Monday it is reviewing her travel to New Zealand following chaotic scenes at a speaking event she held in Australia over the weekend.

Police officers were allegedly assaulted in Melbourne on Saturday after pro-transgender and anti-transgender activists clashed at Victoria's Parliament where Keen-Minshull held an event. According to local media, at least three people were arrested for assaults during the clash.

Among those demonstrating was a group of neo-Nazis with a "destroy paedo freaks" sign.

In a statement to Newshub on Monday afternoon, Immigration NZ general manager Richard Owner said the agency is "now reviewing whether in the light of the events at the weekend Ms Keen-Minshull is still able to travel to New Zealand on the basis of the NZeTA that she holds without obtaining a visa first."

In a video posted to Keen-Minshull's YouTube account on Monday evening, she addressed Prime Minister Chris Hipkins saying "revoke my visa at your peril".

"I tell you what Chris, I tell you what Mr Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, revoke my visa at your peril, let's see what happens," she said. 

"When you stop a woman who is a women's rights campaigner, when you stop her from being able to come and facilitate the speech of women in your country ...  why don't you throw down that particular gauntlet?"

She also threatened to take legal action if she's not let in, saying Hipkins is playing a dangerous game.

"So Chris Hipkins, roll the dice my friend, I don't think you'll dare to keep me from coming into New Zealand but we'll see," she said. 

Keen-Minshull says she's a women's rights campaigner, not an anti-transgender activist.

Kelly-Jay Keen-Minshull - also known as Posie Parker.
Kelly-Jay Keen-Minshull - also known as Posie Parker. Photo credit: YiuTube

She went on to add that it's "totally unfathomable" why people are so "afraid" of her speaking unless they hate women. 

Hipkins told media on Monday he condemned people who used their right to free speech in a way that seeks to deliberately create division.

Wellington Mayor Tory Whanau said there has been considerable interest in the 'Let Woman Speak' event in Wellington from the rainbow community.

"I want to make it very clear that I strongly condemn the views and actions of this group. While I acknowledge that freedom of expression, movement and peaceful assembly are rights preserved in the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990, this protest is against principles Wellingtonians, and me personally, hold dear," Whanau said. 

"In Wellington, we proudly celebrate and welcome diversity and inclusion of all members of our community. A great example of that will happen this weekend when around 100,000 come together to enjoy CubaDupa.

"While people are free to express their views at the event, troublemakers are not welcome in Wellington. I will not welcome them. We will work closely with Police to ensure the event and any counter-protests that may occur are peaceful."