China expert Anne-Marie Brady says New Zealand should have de-emphasised trade with Beijing as geopolitical tensions increase

As geo-political tensions rise, New Zealand's reliance on our biggest trading partner China has been put in the spotlight - with one expert saying we should have been de-emphasising our trade with China earlier.

University of Canterbury professor and China expert Anne-Marie Brady told Newshub Nation New Zealand shouldn't be dependent on one market.

"It's common sense, when you are doing business you don't put all the eggs in one basket, do you? You've got to spread the strategic risk," Prof Brady said.

"That was the basic understanding that we were supposed to have learnt."

She said the challenge is getting more countries to take our goods, which New Zealand is trying hard to do, but we should also be "de-emphasising our trade" with China.

"We shouldn't be putting more money into promoting [China] and developing it further, it's just, in fact, an acute imbalance."

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