Jenna Lynch: National's education plan sounds 'more buzzword than policy'

  • 22/03/2023

Newshub political editor Jenna Lynch has reacted to the National Party's latest education announcement, saying it sounds "more buzzword than policy".

National leader Christopher Luxon on Wednesday morning revealed a new policy called "Teaching the Basics Brilliantly", vowing to "rewrite" parts of New Zealand's school curriculum if elected.

In an interview with AM, Luxon said the policy would detail non-negotiable knowledge and skills primary and intermediate schools must cover each year with regard to reading, writing, maths and science.

Luxon told host Ryan Bridge he couldn't go into full details about the policy, however, with more information to be unveiled on Thursday.

Speaking to AM after Luxon's appearance, Lynch said she wasn't "super clear on what the policy is".

"The press release sounds great: 'Building world-class education skills, teaching the basics brilliantly' but it feels a little bit more buzzword than policy," she said. "It says they're going to rewrite the education system but listening to [Luxon] talking to you, it feels more like a restructure of the education system.

"We are hoping that there will be a lot more detail in that policy to come tomorrow."

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