Jenna Lynch: Stuart Nash beaten by his own bravado - and who could become the new Police Minister

ANALYSIS: Stuart Nash was beaten by his own bravado. 

Beehive sources behind the scenes were in disbelief, saying the now former Police Minister had "too much testosterone" and - brutally - that his actions were "dumb as f***".

Nash loves the Police portfolio and I understand the Prime Minister thinks losing that is punishment enough. Had there been more of a pattern of behaviour the sanction likely would have been tougher.

But now Hipkins has a big decision - who to replace Nash with.

He's installed resident fix-it minister Megan Woods in the meantime but I'm told he'll make a decision by Monday at the latest as to who will formally and more permanently take on that role.

The Prime Minister will want to make the Police portfolio a senior role, there's a few around the Cabinet table to consider.

Someone like Emergency Management Kieran McAnulty could be one to watch but said he's "already got a lot on".

Though when asked on Wednesday if he'd turn down the portfolio if the Prime Minister asked him to take it, McAnulty said: "You don't say no if these things are offered to you.

"But if he's listening I'm quite happy with what I've got."

Another option is a seasoned minister like Andrew Little who currently doesn't have any high-profile responsibilities. 

Little's already got six portfolios - Defence, GCSB, NZSIS, Public Service, Treaty Negotiations and the Terror Attack inquiry - but a lot of those would work well with Police. Though he'd surely have to hand off also being responsible for the Public Service.

Little can be hot-heated a lot but he's trusted and can hold his own against the 'soft on crime' attacks from across the House

Kiri Allan will likely be considered by some as a contender, but Police will unlikely be handed to her because she also holds the Justice portfolio.

Crime has been a thorn in this Government's side. There have been four - soon to be five - Police ministers in the space of less than a year.

Hipkins needs a safe, steady pair of hands - Little and McAnulty both would fit that bill.

Jenna Lynch is Newshub's Political Editor.