New Minister of Police Ginny Andersen reveals she put her hand up for the job

The new Minister of Police has revealed she put herself forward for the role, saying she has wanted it for a long time.

Ginny Andersen says she has a decade's experience with Police, but the Opposition isn't convinced she's up for it.

Tuesday marked the first proper day in the job for our new Police Minister, and unlike the old one she said Police Commissioner Andrew Coster is not a mate.

"No. have his phone number. I call him Commissioner and we meet regularly when we need to."

As for how she got the portfolio, Andersen said she put her hand up for the job.

"I've always wanted to do Police."

So what are her priorities?

"Safety is always the focus," she said.

"Improving community safety… focusing on community safety and making sure people feel safe."

Andersen said she's worked with the police for 10 years and comes from a policing family.

As for her area of expertise, she worked in fields relating to gangs and methamphetamine, and across the frontline and in policy.

"She worked in the policy area - that'll get some frontline cops rolling their eyes, but the reality is she should have a pretty good knowledge of some of the key areas of policing," said Police Association president Chris Cahill.

The National Party is rolling their eyes.

"It was at Police National Headquarters in Wellington, in the beltway, working on policy. I don't really think our Police service necessarily need that sort of skill," National's police spokesperson Mark Mitchell said.

But our Minister of Police will need the skills to help tackle youth crime.

Fresh stats on serious youth offending revealed on Tuesday that 1416 young people were charged in court in 2022 - up from 1335 the year before.

"I know the realities of the frontline - I'm committed to doing a good job," Andersen said. 

"It does need to be looked at, but it's not a simple process. You've got to look at why these people are failing in the education system, why they aren't engaging," Cahill said. "There's a lot to do in that area."

But the new Minister of Police is confident she's up for it.