ACT's Brooke van Velden calls for instant penalty tickets for young criminals

ACT Party deputy leader Brooke van Velden says police should be allowed to issue instant penalty tickets to young criminals to crack down on crime.

Speaking on AM Early, van Velden said "crime is out of control" and too many children are committing crime instead of attending school.

"Let's give them another path, but importantly, tell them that there will be real consequences when they commit crime."

Van Velden told AM Early instant infringement notices will "give police real power" and should be issued at the scene. 

"I'd like them to be able to issue instant practical penalties for kids who do commit crime, rather than having to take them to the station, maybe book them, maybe they won't go into court."

Van Velden said the infringement tickets would be similar to a speeding ticket "but for petty criminals".

The deputy leader said every town in Aotearoa is aware young criminals are there, but says Kiwis aren't sure if criminals are being held accountable. 

"I don't think that's right that we've got hard-working Kiwis getting up every morning, wanting to provide for their families and our community,  knowing that they could be hit overnight by kids in cars. It's just not good enough."

She said ram raiders who "are going out every night" should have ankle bracelets.

"We need to know where they are, and they need to know what they are doing is not right and there will be serious consequences for them."

She believes it "won’t be cool" for them to be wearing ankle bracelets while hanging out with their friends.

Watch van Velden's full interview above.