AM hosts react to Chris Hipkins' claim health system in better shape

  • 12/04/2023

AM hosts have questioned Prime Minister Chris Hipkins' recent claim the health care system is in better shape than three years ago.

On Tuesday, Hipkins said he believes New Zealand's healthcare system is better prepared to cope with COVID-19 cases.

"The health system's better prepared now than it was three years ago and it will continue to improve," he told reporters. 

AM co-host Melissa Chan-Green said on Wednesday while, technically, Hipkins' comments could be right because three years ago we were two weeks into level 4 lockdown, she is worried his defensive stance could be an election campaign tactic.

"What I'm seeing is 67,000 people overdue for treatment or waiting for a specialist appointment. You've only got 76 percent of patients who go into the emergency department seen within six hours," Melissa Chan-Green said.

"It doesn't feel to me like a health system that has moved on in the last three years."

Watch the video above.