Green MP Ricardo Menendez March tight-lipped on review of colleague Elizabeth Kerekere

A Green MP is staying tight-lipped over an internal review into caucus colleague Elizabeth Kerekere. 

Kerekere has been accused of ongoing poor behaviour including badmouthing and undermining her fellow MPs and staff.

It comes after Kerekere accidentally sent messages to a group chat that were unsupportive of Auckland Central MP Chlöe Swarbrick that said "omg what a crybaby". 

She later denied the jibe referred to Swarbrick.

The Greens launched an internal review into Kerekere's conduct after the messages were revealed showing her complaining about Swarbrick's good fortune to have her legislation be debated at the same time MPs were being ranked on the party's list.

Ricardo Menendez March told AM Early on Wednesday the internal report will bring the answers.

"I think all of us Green MPs are working really tirelessly to deliver positive outcomes for this country and I think this is why we take that information quite seriously," Menendez March told AM Early host Nicky Styris. 

"That is why our Green Party musterer (whip) Jan Logie and our chief of staff are working as fast as they can to put through an investigation that will hopefully bring to light any issues relating to workplace conduct matters that may be happening." 

When pressed about the accusations of bullying that Kerekere has been accused of, Menendez March said the investigation will be critical to get to the bottom of the allegations. 

"I think this is why the investigation will be quite important because an investigation that is centred on our values of fairness, appropriate decision-making and most importantly natural justice will be what will deliver the information that will be required for all of us to move forward," he said. 

"This is why I want to respect the work that our musterer and chief of staff are doing and so that we can cut through the noise and get a report out that will honour the voices of those people that are being involved."

The party released its draft list rankings earlier this month, which put Kerekere at number four, but political commentator Bryce Edwards speculated on AM last week that she could drop once the review is completed. 

But Menendez March said it was up to Green Party members to decide that. 

"The voting will begin shortly and we try to be quite careful of, for example, not endorsing other candidates for the purposes of the list," he said.

"I think our members will have plenty of chances to engage with us on Zooms and our branch meetings to talk about the issues that matter to them. So I look forward to us conducting actually what is the most democratic list ranking process in any political party in Aotearoa."

Watch the full interview with Ricardo Menendez March in the video above.