Investigation into Green MP Dr Elizabeth Kerekere to see if there's been more backstabbing behaviour, who the 'crybaby' text was destined for

Oops, we've all made the mistake of texting the wrong group chat. But this one came with consequences.

Green MP Elizabeth Kerekere is being investigated by her party for slagging off her own colleague Chlöe Swarbrick, calling her a crybaby. 

It sure ain't easy being Green, especially when your colleagues are being mean. 

"We are disappointed, we will be fully investigating," said co-leader Marama Davidson.

While Swarbrick was debating her alcohol Bill in the House on Wednesday night, her kākāriki comrade Dr Kerekere hit the group chat, bemoaning the fact Swarbrick was getting attention during the party's list selection process. 

Dr Kerekere seemingly accidentally sent a green-eyed text to the wrong group of MPs and staffers: "Sucks that her Bill goes through during list ranking! Please Universe, pick my bill tomorrow."

Then another text: "OMG what a crybaby."

"On the face of it, the message looked to be mean," Davidson said.

You can see the moment the crybaby text lands on video. Julie Anne Genter looks at her phone, and shows Golriz Ghahraman, Ghahraman reads the text and her jaw drops.

Swarbrick keeps going, unaware of the drama playing out behind her back. Ghahraman and Genter cannot believe it. 

"We are taking this really seriously," Davidson said.

Dr Kerekere, who is relatively unknown outside of the Greens bubble other than for breaking COVID-19 rules, has provisionally been ranked number four on the Green Party list, behind the co-leaders and Swarbrick.

Swarbrick is the political force that against all odds picked up an electorate seat in 2020 - despite the red Labour wave.

Dr Kerekere was told to go home and stay home on Thursday. 

"We suggested that it would be in everyone's interest that she not be here at the office today," said Davidson. 

Swarbrick didn't want to talk, but told Newshub she's just focused on her work as she always has been while the Greens investigate.

"It is very unfortunate this has happened," said co-leader James Shaw.

"We are deeply disappointed and it does appear to breach the standards with which we would like to hold ourselves accountable."

He wouldn't call it bullying, saying, "we are conducting an investigation". 

So just how mean they think this Green has been remains to be seen.

Jenna Lynch Analysis

So what is there to actually investigate? 

The Greens are treating this like an employment process, but Newshub understands that besides this text they're going to try and figure out if this was an example of a broader problem.

Who was the text actually destined for? Has there been more of this backstabby behaviour going on in a secret group chat?

It's understood Dr Kerekere is not thought of as a team player.

But the fact this has leaked tells just as much of the story. It indicates someone isn't happy with how high Dr Kerekere has been ranked within the party.

A number of Green candidates and MPs have shown public support for Swarbrick in this now public infight.

The group chat gaffe has highlighted cracks in the Green veneer, the factions coming to the surface in an election year, one where they are making a concerted effort to look like a stable mature coalition partner.