Michael Wood denies being hungover after Jacinda Ardern's leaving party

  • 06/04/2023

A senior Government Minister says he's not hungover after celebrations for Jacinda Ardern's final day in Parliament. 

The former Prime Minister had her last hurrah in the House and signed off 15 years in the Beehive with an emotional valedictory speech on Wednesday night.

Appearing on AM on Thursday, minister Michael Wood was asked by host Melissa Chan-Green if he was "dusty" after Wednesday night's celebrations.

"There was a really good sendoff that just took place in the banquet hall here at the Beehive," he said.

"[It was] really lovely, actually. A lot of people from over Jacinda's life and career came together in one place."

Wood said it was the perfect way to send off Ardern, who was Prime Minister from 2017 until her resignation earlier this year.

But he denied being hungover after the event.

"No, I'm awake, bushy-tailed, wide-eyed," Wood quipped. "And I'm ready to head up to Napier for some visits today - I couldn't afford to stay too late but maybe a few others did?"

Despite the big presence at the celebration, National MP Paul Goldsmith said he wasn't invited.

"We still were celebrating another week where the Government's shambolic and falling apart," Goldsmith jabbed. "The general sense is that the momentum was on our side so we certainly sat back and had a good period of reflection last night," he said, appearing on AM alongside Wood.

"Dreams are free, Paul," Wood shot back.

Remembering the legacy Ardern would leave behind, Goldsmith recalled the moment his daughters met her for the first time.

"I remember my young girls coming down to Parliament once - they're loyal to their dad… but when they saw Jacinda they turned to jelly and went, 'Ooh, ahh,'" he said.

"She had a special way with many people and she'll be missed."

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