Age Concern relieved at Labour's promise to keep superannuation age at 65

Age Concern is relieved Labour has confirmed they'll keep the pension age at 65.

It's the party's first election campaign policy, and was made at Labour's election year congress.

Serenaded onto stage by her husband, Deputy Prime Minister Carmel Sepuloni made quite the entrance to announce Labour's first election policy - keeping the age of eligibility for superannuation at 65.

Age Concern CEO Karen Billings-Jensen said for many people "it definitely will be a relief".

A relief, because raising the pension age to cut costs is something both National and ACT want to do.

Labour's labelling a possible National-ACT Government as a "coalition of cuts" - warning young people to take note.

"The coalition of cuts will take more than $98,000 off your retirement just to give themselves hundreds of dollars a week in tax cuts," Sepuloni said.

National Party campaign chair Chris Bishop responded by accusing Labour of "just scaremongering".

"The reality is superannuation needs to rise, the age of entitlement needs to rise," he said.

"Keeping Super at 65 means higher taxes for everyone still working, more people off to Australia... and New Zealand gradually turns into a big Fiji instead of a first-world country," added ACT Party leader David Seymour.

Labour's also confirmed it'll keep contributing to the New Zealand Super Fund and coughing up cash for the Winter Energy Payment.

"It's really valuable and really important," Billings-Jensen said.

Four-hundred delegates are here for Labour's congress - and on Sunday for the first time, Chris Hipkins will address them as their leader. Saturday though, is all about the senior MPs.

Those leaders took a jab at National's use of artificial intelligence in its campaign ads.

"National MPs have been hunched over their ChatGPT looking for next attack ad, but it turns out it's not just the ads - AI is now creating their policy and their people as well!" Robertson said.

"I think it's pathetic. They seem obsessed that the National Party is using innovative techniques for social media," Bishop countered.

Things are heating up as the election looms.

"Be warned, everything is at stake," deputy leader Kelvin Davis said.