Election 2023: Christopher Luxon called out for 'one person, one vote' statement in Te Pāti Māori announcement

The National Party leader has ruled out forming a government with Te Pāti Māori, saying his party believes in 'one person, one vote'. 

The Māori party is calling that a dog whistle while Luxon is refusing to say which other parties he would or wouldn't work with, namely New Zealand First.

On Tuesday, Te Pāti Māori welcomed a new MP, Meka Whaitiri, interrupting Parliament's statements on the King's coronation.

For National, that was the last straw. 

"I just personally thought it was disrespectful and I think if you're a New Zealander watching what we saw yesterday, they thought, 'Seriously, is that what we're doing down here in Wellington?'," Luxon said.

Luxon is showing them the door.

"Today, I've ruled out National coming to any arrangement with Te Pāti Māori in forming a Government after the election," Luxon said. 

"It's a Māori Party that is pursuing a separatist or radical agenda."

Luxon said the current iteration of Te Pāti Māori is too philosophically different to work with National.

"For example, National believes New Zealand is one country with one standard of citizenship, meaning one person, one vote."

But that's being called out. 

"Oh yeah, that is totally dog-whistling," said deputy Prime Minister Carmel Sepuloni.

"It's dog-whistling because it's not one person, one vote," said Te Pāti Māori co-leader Rawiri Waititi. "It's one person, two votes so you get a vote for a candidate and you get a vote for a party. Maybe somebody should give civics education to Chris Luxon and his mates."

Luxon is painting the left-wing parties as a bloc.

"A vote for Labour, a vote for the Greens, a vote for Te Pāti Māori is a vote for a coalition of chaos," he said.

Luxon could have his own chaotic coalition if National ends up needing both ACT and New Zealand First parties which - to put it lightly - do not get along.

"We can't work with New Zealand First," said ACT leader David Seymour. 

"They're impossible to work with and yes, it would be chaos if New Zealand First was there."

When asked if he would rule out NZ First, Luxon said that was a "question for another day".

Another day that will need to come before the biggest day - election day.